Monopan Boxes

Monopan boxes ;

The walls of the box  are lighter than all other frame types because of the honeycomb cells.

Instead of polyurethane, there are plastic layers as we call our own honeycomb.

The Monopan box  is not a priority heat transfer, but a light weight and durability.

Compared to a dry load case, the average is 50% lighter.

Case construction is different from start to finish. Lightweight parts are best used.

Here, the most important factor for us and our customers is the employment.

The Monopan case is mainly used by customers who carry heavy materials.

Nowadays, mostly furniture makers, white goods etc. loads are preferred by the companies that carry.

Paper or bread bearing companies can also be included in this group.

Lightness is important not only for your load, but also for your vehicle's idle state.