Our production is made up of GRP (glass reinforced polyester) inner part polyurethane outer surface, which we generally do inside paneled vehicles..

In the original of the panel of vans, the insulation to provide heat transfer is almost negligible.

The main purpose of the insulation, which is designed according to the product carried by the user with or without cooler, is to reduce the heat transfer to zero..

The cooler model and the thickness of the polyurethane differs for the insulations that will carry -18 with the cooler model for insulations that will carry products at 0 and +4 degrees..

If you need to stand the product at -18 degrees inside your van, it may be necessary to design it as if you are manufacturing a new case inside your vehicle..

Besides polyester insulations, they are available in varieties such as plywood and aluminum insulations. It can differs  what our customers will carry, how many kilograms they will carry  may even vary from hardness of material to loading.

At this point, we are engaged as Gencer Kasa. We isolate your vehicle completely according to your use and your load.